intraosseous anesthesia delivery system

PROCEDURE: STEP 1 - Anesthetizing the attached gingiva

    (a) Disinfect and topically anesthetize the attached gingiva over the injection site.

    (b) Assemble an injection-needle with a standard cartridge and syringe (the needle supplied with the kit may be used, unless it is of  the "modified" type with a flattened tip, as described at the end of the Components Section). Advance the needle towards the surface of the gingiva  at a flat angle so that the flat surface of the bevel is almost parallel to the surface of the gingiva. Gently penetrate the surface of the gingiva and slowly inject one or two drops of anesthetic, causing a slight blanching of the tissue. This will indicate that anesthesia of the attached gingiva and periosteum has occurred.

    If, in spite of using topical, and penetrating the gingiva at a shallow angle, the patient still experiences some sensitivity, an alternative to anesthetizing the attached gingiva is to move the infiltration injection into alveolar mucosa just next to its border with the attached gingiva. Wait for about 30 seconds to allow the anesthetic to diffuse.

    Step 1 - Example DVD Clip

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    This clip is taken from the Stabident DVD and is one of many different examples on how to effectively use the Stabident System.

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