intraosseous anesthesia delivery system


The components of the Stabident System comprise a perforator and an injection-needle.

Perforator.  This features a solid stainless-steel needle of 27Gauge (0.43mm), bevelled at the free end to enable it to drill through cortical bone, and mounted at the other end on a plastic shank which at its free end has the usual flat and groove shape of a rotary dental instrument to enable it to be driven by a standard latch-type contra-angle handpiece. A protective cap enclosing the needle is removable from the plastic shank prior to use.

Injection-needle.  This is a conventional 27Gauge injection-needle but of ultra-short (8mm) length.

There are two kit sizes:


The standard kit comprises 20 perforators and 20 injection–needles


The Economy kit comprises 100 perforators and 100 injection-needles


27 Gauge injection-needle

Some dentists prefer to use an injection-needle in which a flat is formed at the end of the bevel so that the sharpness of the tip is reduced. The injection needles in the above kits maybe of this modified form if desired.

* U.S. Pat.Nos.5,057,013 and 5,173,050

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