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RELATED TOPICS: Stabident compared with Intraligamentary Injections

The results of Stabident are more predictable. Intraligamentary injections can be very much a hit-and-miss affair depending on needle bevel orientation and the density of the periodontal ligament. 

Stabident injections are less likely to result in postoperative pain. Post operative pain is a common occurrence with intraligamentary injections.

With intraligamentary injections it is necessary, by definition, to rupture the gingival crevice – that most delicate of dental structures. This is not the case with Stabident injections.

With Stabident injections there is no risk of external root resorption. Such a risk does exist with intraligamentary injections.


Safety of Stabident  injections.

1. The surface area of a Stabident perforation is about 1/500th the surface area of an extraction socket.

2. Unlike an extraction socket the perforation from Stabident is covered with attached gingiva – a natural ‘Band Aid’.

3. 15% of all nucleated cells in calcellous bone are lymphocytes – an excellent defence mechanism.

It will be clear therefore that a Stabident injection is a safe and predictable procedure.

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